There’s nothing wrong in what you want to do Afia. You just want to meet him.

I assured myself for the third time.

I took my Bob wig from it’s hanger and wore it, i then brushed it with my hair comb.

I slide my feets into my gold block heels and then gave a final glance at the mirror.

I look perfect. Perfect enough to meet him.

Then, i walked into the living room after locking the door to my room. As if on cue, Nene opened the front door and walked in, looking all tired.

She worked as a model for an agency.

They must have stressed her today as usual.

“Hey Afia” she greeted as she walked to sit on the sofa.

“Let me guess, they overdid it again?” I asked

“Exactly” she replied with tired face.

Let me get you something to drink” I told her as I walked into the kitchen and then grabbed the half bottle of pulpy drink in the fridge, alongside a glass cup. “I’ve told you countless of times to let them know they are stressing you, I mean it’s not as if they are paying you for overtime” I scolded her before placing the drink on the stool beside her.

“But what can I do? You know this is this only stable job I’ve got…I don’t want to jeopardize this opportunity Afia” Nene explained as she served herself.

“But Nene…….”

“I’ll be fine, I’d just sleep it off” She replied and then eyed me up and down as she gulped down half of the drink. “Why are you all dressed up?” She asked “have you gone to deliver the goods?”

We owned an online fashion store.

Yea, I did that this morning already” I replied her.

Okay, so what’s up with the outfit?”

“Well, I’m meeting Travis today”

She paused, giving me the ‘are you kidding me look’

“Don’t look at me like that Nene, I’m not going to do anything bad” I defended

“Then what do you need to meet him for? Because I don’t understand you Afia, what do you intend to gain from all these? What’s the main purpose of going to see him??” She asked all at once

“Okay Nene you need to calm down, stop taking life too seriously……I just want to go see my ex…”

“Your ex who is already married!!!!! He’s not even your recent ex Afia!!! You dated when you were in school.. it’s more than ten years Afia!!!”. She countered.

I sighed.

“You might be right Nene, but then, it’s my business not yours, my mind is already made updon’t worry I won’t tell him I’m carrying his child”

“Whatever it is you are driving at Afia, you need to stop” she added

I nodded.

“I’ll see you when I get back Nene” with that, I took the bag I had placed on the chair when she came in and then walked out.



“It was nice doing business with you Mr Olayemi” I stretched out my hands for a handshake

It’s a mutual thing, Mr Bolujoko” he replied during the firm handshake. “ I must confess, I’m really satisfied with the service” he added

“That’s what we do” I said with a smile “I’ll have my secretary email you the remaining documents by tomorrow

“I’d be expecting them” he said before getting up “I should be on my way then”.

Okay, thank you Soo much” I told him as he carried his suitcase and walked out.

I let out a satisfactory sigh before walking towards my desk.

I had attended to him on the sofa opposite my desk.

About 10 minutes after I settled into my chair, my secretary called.

“Yes Farida?” I answered the phone.

“Mr Bolujoko, there’s a lady here to see you, her name is Afia……Afia Adiapena”


Why does that name sound so familiar??

Then it clicked…..Afia Adiapena!!!!!!!

“Hello sir are you there?” I heard Farida ask, interrupting my wandering thoughts.

“Errmm, yes Farida, let her in” I told her before ending the call.

Why is she here?

What does she want?

God it’s been Soo long.

She was my first!!!!

The first person that ever knew me sexually.

Focus Travis, you need to calm down and focus.

I then comported myself.

Few seconds later, Afia walked into my office after a brief knock at the door.

I stood up immediatly.

Afia” I called out

“Hello Travis” she replied with a beautiful smile.

She was looking radiant as ever.

Long time no see” I rounded the table to give her a hug. It lasted longer than I expected due to the grip she had on me.

“It’s been so long” she said into the my chest

Get a hold of yourself Travis. I mentally scolded as I adjusted my tie.

Please have a seat” I pointed to the sofa.

I made sure to keep a reasonable distance between us.

“You look well”

Really bro? Is that the best compliment you could come up with?

Don’t blame me! I’m nervous as hell!

And very curious to know why she’s here.

You look well yourself” she replied me

I gave a small laugh.

I’m sorry, pardon me, would you like anything to drink?” I asked

“No I’m good Travis” she replied as she crossed her legs.

“Okay, so what brings you to my office? It’s very unexpected….”

“Well, I happened to get information about you” she replied confidently

“Information about me? Were you searching for me?”

“Well, not exactly, I just stumbled on an information about you and then I said to myself, why not pay you a visit…. I’m sure there’s no harm in that”

“Of course not, there’s absolutely no harm in reconnecting with old friends”

“And old boyfriends” she added with a smirk.

I let out a nervous laugh.

What is this woman up to?

“You don’t need to worry Travis, I know you are married” she immediately added.

Thank God.

That’s a relief.

I looked at my ring finger, my wedding ring was on it.

“I’m just surprised it’s Naomi you married….I mean you guys were just best friends back then in school…I even asked you about it “ she continued

“Well, Afia, honestly speaking.,… back then nothing was going on between us, even after we graduated and all, we still maintained this platonic relationship……..,but what would be, will be you know” I explained

Touche, I’m happy for you guys by the way…”

That’s another relief.

There’s nothing to worry about.

I guess she just wants to stay friends.

“How have you been by the way?” I asked

“I’ve been well, I’m just here doing my thing”

“That’s good to know, you said you got my information somewhere……where?” I asked

I watched as she hesitated for a minute, contemplating on whether to tell or not.

“I’m not supposed to do this Travis, but I guess I’ll have to make an exception,…………I work for the surrogate agency, and I happened to stumble into your files….I swear it wasn’t intentional”

I gave an unbelievable look.

I thought those were supposed to be confidential ?!!!” I blurted.

I didn’t even know whether to be mad or not!!

“Exactly, there are, it was an honest accident” she defended

“Honest accident? Unbelievable!

“Travis, c’mon… don’t be mad, your secret is safe with me” I heard her say

It’s not like I have another choice. The surrogate is already pregnant with our child.

I relaxed.

By the way, why are you working for the agency?” I asked truly concerned

She sighed.

“I don’t have a choice Travis”

“I don’t understand, or are you there as their pharmacist?”

“I wish……I’m not a certified pharmacist”

I was obviously confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t pass my professional exam”

” Are you serious? ……..but why didn’t you retake it?……..” I asked

“I did…….I rewrote the exam as a matter of fact…but I guess…”

“You guess what?” I urged her to continue

She shook her head.

I’m not in the mood to talk about it Travis, maybe some other time…..but the main reason I’m working for the agency is because I need money for my mom’s surgery” she blurted out.

I was shocked.

“I know it’s a lot to take in Travis….. I’ve accepted my fate” she said with sadness in her words.

It is definitely too much to take in.

How on Earth didn’t I know about all these?

How could I have missed all of these?


Another Episode πŸ˜‹

Do you think Afia’s intentions are pure?

Can you stay being friends with your ex?

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4 thoughts on “TWO MOTHERS (EPISODE EIGHT- Part 1)

  1. Afia’s intentions can never be pureπŸ™„πŸ™„. Pure fire!!!

    She should not cause trouble for these people oo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We can only hope oπŸ™„. But then, drama is bound to happen.


  2. This episode is way so classic 😎… I’m loving Afia’s personality already πŸ˜‹.
    Of course her intentions aren’t pure πŸ˜‚ and you don’t wanna be an enemy to your ex/have them as an enemy. Friends friends friends from miles away… Lmao. Poor Travis 🀣..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe 😁, time will tell


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