“What is this?” I asked the bike man that dropped me at the front of the apartment where Nene and I live.

“It’s your change na, 200 naira” he replied me.

“200 watin, baba e remain 100 naira jhor!! Didn’t I tell you it’s 200 naira I was going to pay???” I ranted. I had told him the amount I was going to pay and on reaching our destination I gave him 500 naira note only for him not to give my complete change.

“But you know say this place far, the road is not good again” he blurted out.

“No vex , abeg give me my remaining change” I told him as he reluctantly gave me the money. “Thank you o” I told him as I walked towards the apartment.

He then zoomed off.

Nene opened the door few seconds later.

Hey babe” I greeted her as I walked in.

We shared a 2 bedroom flat.

“You entered a bike??..why didn’t you take an Uber?” She asked

“Uber ke? Nene you of all people should know better now” I said as I placed the bag of fruits on the living room table.

I had an appointment with ‘the parents’ lawyer.

Nene entered the kitchen and brought out a small bowl of water to rinse the apples.

“With all the money the agency is paying you, you Sha know your condition, you are pregnant! All these bike riders can be very reckless” she continued as she took a bite of one of the apples and then sat opposite me.

It’s a large amount, but it’s still not enough for my mother’s surgery, besides it’s not as if I’m the first pregnant woman to climb a bike” I replied her.

That’s the main reason why I took the job.

We need money to send my mother to India for her surgery. Kidney Transplant.

“Don’t worry Afia, the money would soon be complete” she reassured me

I nodded as I grabbed an apple to munch on.

“You won’t believe what I discovered today Nene” blurted out seconds later.

“What did you discover?” She asked.

“You know I told you I was meeting up with the lawyer today”

She nodded

“He gave me some papers to go through… and guess what I found”

” Afia just tell me already” she replied

“Well, my dear friend, I accidentally found out who the parents are” I stated.

She paused.

I thought you weren’t supposed to find out….I mean it’s a mutual thing, they don’t know who you are, you don’t know who they are”

“Didn’t you hear me? It wasn’t my intention to find out na, I guess the lawyer guy didn’t notice that one of the papers contained information about them” I explained

“Okay?…” She urged for me to continue

“Well, Nene, it so happens to be that the father of the child” I touched my belly. “this baby that I am carrying is no other than Travis Bolujoko… my ex” I blurted out.

“No way!!!!!!” Nene looked at me with shock.

“Exactly, you need to have seen how shocked I was…I mean, who would have ever thought this would happen???!!!”

Shock was an understatement when I saw his name on the paperwork. To make it more Interesting, Naomi is his wife!

Naomi Bakare!!!

How on Earth did that even happen???

I thought they were all Best friends for life and stuffs??!!!

How did they ever get romantically involved??

Okay, I must say, I had a feeling then that Naomi secretly had a thing for my boyfriend. I had jokingly confronted her about it, but she had denied it.

Just friends my foot!!!

Now they are married.

But, they can’t have kids and to crown it all, I, Afia, is their surrogate Mother!!!

I don’t even know what to feel, happy? Or sad???

Mixed feelings, that’s exactly how i am feeling.

It’s indeed a small world oo” Nene said interrupting my wandering thoughts.

“Yeah,….so what do you suggest I do???” I asked her

Nothing na” she blurted

I gave her a questioning look.

“Afia, you are going to do nothing…its very simple…I mean you weren’t supposed to find out…. it’s part of the agreement”

Is this girl for real??

“So you expect me to just pretend like Travis isn’t the father of the child I’m carrying???”

Errmm, excuse you, technically you are carrying both Travis and Naomi’s baby, that is why they are paying you to be the surrogate

“You are unbelievable Nene” I scoffed

“I don’t even want to know what you are thinking Afia, because for all I know, it is not a good thought….. just be a good girl, and stick to the plan” Nene ranted.

“Will you at least just calm down, your blood too dey hot” I gave her another apple “take, use it to cool down”

She collected it from me.

This is not a bribe, I hope you know that “ she stated

“Just hear me out…… it’s still a thought okay, and nothing more” I replied

“You had better just let it remain a thought, infact don’t even think about it………we are just going to pretend like this didn’t happen, …. Afia, you are my friend and I won’t advice you wrongly, these people have money o, they can sue you for this, you can even lose your job at the agency, so please let’s respect ourselves , mind our business and face the task ahead of us,the task of you giving birth to this baby safe and sound. No complications…you hear”

I nodded.

Nene is right.

But then, am I just supposed to sit down the act like nothing ever happened between Travis and I????

He was my university sweetheart for crying out loud!!!!

Only time will tell, today, I rest.



I parked my car and then got down.

Naomi’s car was already in the compound meaning she’s home.

I used my key to enter the house.

A four bedroom duplex.

I looked around the large living room, everything was organized, soon there would be a little Travis to make it a mess. I smiled at the thought as I ascended the stairs.

Immediately I opened the door to the master’s bedroom, i heard the shower running.

She’s in there, I noted to myself.

I sat on the king-sized bed and then took off my brogue shoes.

Then Naomi walked in with a white floffy towel wrapped round her chest.

Tee, you are back” she said with a smile as she walked up to me, and sat in between my legs.

“Yes curvy” I replied before initiating a brief kiss.

“I didn’t hear you come in…I was in the shower” she stated after the kiss.

“I figured” I said

Your food is ready, why don’t you go shower while I dish it out” she told me with a smile.

“I’ll like that”

I really love this woman.

She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

And I’m Soo grateful to God for having her in my life, with or without any child.

We cuddled on the sofa about an hour later as we watched SpongeBob SquarePants which is Naomi’s favorite by the way.

Tee, take a look at this baby outfit” Naomi showed me a picture on her phone.

The past few weeks has just been filled with excitement. Ever since we found out that the surrogate was pregnant.

Naomi had been going on and on about the baby and about things to shop for it.

“This would look so adorable on him or her” she added.

I smiled.

This is the Naomi I love, the fun-filled and hyper Naomi. Filled with Soo much energy.

I think we should order two of these…the blue and purple one” she continued

Curvy, I think we need to calm down, the surrogate is just 6 weeks pregnant…. there’s still a lot of months ahead of us babe” I told her softly

She gave me a ‘are you for real look’

“It’s never too early to start planning Tee, the earlier the better, we don’t want a situation whereby we would start rushing or when a particular product is sold out….I want the best for my baby Travis” she blurted.

“And I understand you curvy” I said before placing a kiss on her forehead. ” Our child deserves the best”

She nodded as she snuggled closer to me.

“It’s a good thing we decided not to meet the surrogate” I blurted out seconds later.

“It sure is, the last thing we need is drama” she added.

“Exactly, …”

“Everything will work out fine Tee, there’s no need to worry”

I nodded.

Everything would work out fine.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking????

What are you thinking?πŸ€”

Afia use to date Travis when they were in school πŸ˜•

Now she’s carrying his baby πŸ˜‘

Where do you think this is going to lead to?

Will Afia take Nene’s advice and go along with the contract???

Find out in the next episode 😊

Leave your comments, they do matter πŸ€—

Don’t forget to like too.

Your’s Truly,πŸ˜‹

StorybyJT 😘.

6 thoughts on “TWO MOTHERS (EPISODE SIX)

  1. Yeeeee, Wahala is looming.

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    1. Hehehe ..drama on the way😝😝😝


  2. Afia will cause some serious drama. I can bet on it. No way will she keep that information to herself.

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    1. Lol 😊 I can assure you, there’s lots of drama on the wayπŸ˜‹

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  3. Chai.. Travis see your life 😭when you won’t stop dating all the ladies you meet. Enjoying this😊

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    1. The male gender tend to have alot of “exes” compared to the females…so😏


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